verb: the past tense of "shit"; to have taken a shit
1. "I'm constipated; I haven't shat in 3 days!"

2. Upon smelling a really nasty fart: "Ewe...who shat themself?"

3. "When I shat this morning I clogged up the toilet."
by Shebly Blair July 01, 2009
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the word used to say "shit" but in a more formal matter. use it in school or around uptight adults.
by Katiebabeee February 01, 2011
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1.One of the past tenses of shit, the other being Shitted
2.Somethin a tea-sippin british panzy would say
Having shat, the british man said, 'Tea time pass the crumpets'
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A mistakenly used word for the past tense of shit. Most people who use it are people whose second language is English, and people who want to be cool and curse but don't really know how. However, most people know that the real past tense for shit is just, shit itself.
*Wannabe cool person going up to a gangster*
"Yo man, I just shat myself."
"*snicker* kay.."
by ME.... April 29, 2012
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