As I was attempting to drive home from the local chinese restaurant, I shart myself before reaching the oval office in time.
by Big Shartman III January 05, 2005
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When one farts and shit comes out too. Often reffered to as a wet fart.
I have to go and change my boxers. I just sharted!

I just sharted in my friends soup and he ate it!
by Andrew March 23, 2005
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A surprising expulsion of poop that occurs during the farting process
Jane and I were napping together after filling ourselves with bean burritos and getting drunk off beer earlier in the day at El Charro’s. We were supposed to meet my parents for dinner at 7:30, and I didn’t want to not show up because first of all my parents generally have a big stick up their asses and second they wanted to meet Jane for the first time. The alarm was supposed to ring at six, but one of us set the damn thing incorrectly so we kept dozing until Jane snapped out of it around 7. Girls can wake you up in funny ways sometimes, and old Jane was a funny one. What she did was she climbed on top of me and sharted all over my face. I knew she meant to fart, so I wasn’t mad.
by Rj-C November 27, 2007
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a cross between a shit and a fart. A 'wet fart' with lumps
in it is considerd a "SHART" .
I just had a shart. Where's the nearest bathroom so's I
can wipe my ass and flush my gynch down the toilet.
I just sharted. Does anyone have
some asswipe?
by MAGMAN March 23, 2007
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To feel an explosion of gas about to shoot out except shit spit fires with juice all down your leg.
1. Coco I feel so bloated, maybe I have gas..let me try and release my air...ahhhhhhh holy shit, I just sharted everywhere.

2. Please, don't make me laugh anymore..I swear I'm going to fart..Oh my god here it comes..oh nooo I just shart and it went through my pants.

3. AAAAAAHHHH CHHHUUUUU...F@#$ I'm crying because I just sharted!
by I SLEPT WITH NELLY! March 09, 2006
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Shit and Fart combined to make the word Shart.
In my school some one wrote Dude I Just Shart on the bathroom wall.

And two times in my school I walked into the bathroom and saw Sharted boxers thrown in a corner, the bathroom was later closed off and cleansed.
When You Eat a lot of Taco Bell and Fart and also discover that you shit your pants.
Everybody has Sharted at least once or twice in there lifetime.
Don't lie you have Sharted yourself one time.
People who Shart themselves tend to smell like Aquil
Duded I Just Shart.
Chuck Norris Just Shart Your Pants.
While Kyle Was Jacking Off He Shart His Pants.
Timmy Got Exited About Christmas And Shart Himself.
When Alex Was Having Sex He Shart his pants And His Girlfriend Left Him.
by SpankyMcSpanky October 09, 2009
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Cross between a fart and a shit. Where you think your just going to be doing a ripper of a fart but it contains undesirable solid matter.
John: Man Im hungover, this greasy burger is great! Think I need to fart though.

Silence......fart noises.

John: Ah no that was a shart!

Paul: Man thats fucking disgusting!

John: Shit yeah, I better go do the wipe test and change my undies!

Paul: Pwoarrr!! That stinks, fuck off!
by Chopper2010 September 11, 2010
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