Noun: The combination of the solid waste and gas excreted from the anus simultaneously.

Verb: The act of excreting shit and gas while farting!
The origin of the word "shart" is credited to L. M. Crowley (1986) after observing her brother excrete a little extra something along with his explosive gas after after a night of endulgence at the turkey testical festival.

Holy Crap! The idiot just sharted!
by T wember February 07, 2008
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When a gaseus emition becomes a solid one...

AKA a 'follow-thru'
by eightball August 03, 2004
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When one attempts to fart, but a little poo comes out. An inadvertant shit masked as a fart.
Devon was embarrased because she sharted on the bus.
by Nick April 19, 2005
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the act of farting and shiting at the same time
as justin sharted he said, "o shit rick a piece of corn just fell out of my trousers, ill let you pick that up later."
by donttestmyshart July 05, 2009
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what happens when one has not defecated in the last 10 hours and relaxes the anal sphincter to fart, but, low and behold, the defecation feels left out and decides to come along for the ride. sometimes results in a hard, long log dropping out of trousers, but is usually wet and messy and results when one tries to push out a fart.

nick: man i sharted last night at the party.
john: that sucks man. how'd that happen?
nick: i hadnt shit since the day before and i really needed to fart. i thought i would be okay just to fart but as soon as i let it out i realized what i had done. i didn't make it to the bathroom in time so everyone saw it run down my leg. it was gross.
john: oh...
nick: but my girlfriend helped me. she wiped my ass for me and she put on my diaper. it took her like 67 wipes just to get all of the shit out of my asshole and off my balls.
john: she must really love you...
by AlwaysBord April 09, 2007
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