A term that describes tirelessly trying to hit on someone who is either drunk, or recently gotten out of a relationship.
A: Did you hear that Adam and Laura broke up?
B: Yeah, and now Tom won't leave her alone!
A: Aw, man. He's definitely sharking. We should warn her.
by thelobotomist April 30, 2011
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To sneak up on an unsuspecting woman in public or on the train and ejaculate on her. Popular in Japan.
I saw a video of sharking and half of it was the woman cleaning her hair, until she got sharked again.
by mikeydangerous May 05, 2009
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when a women who is in a swimming pool is surrounded by a group of men who then proceed to molest her sexaully simulating a shark attack
a group of men surrounded the 17yr old girl while she was in the swimming pool and proceeded to tear off her swim suit simulating a shark attack therefore known as sharking.once swim suit is torn off the men hold her one man fingering her arse two other sucking squeezing her boobs while another penetartes her vagina..each man interchanging his role over a period of time..while the subject women thrashes about in the water like the victim of a shark attack
by tyronne August 27, 2006
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Sharking is the technique with which one seeks out a sexual partner or "shark bait". When you see someone you would like to shark "putting on your fin" is the term used. This is imitating a shark fin on your head.

When a shark has been initiated another sharker cannot go for the same shark bait.
Katlin: "I've just seen a really hot man, I'm totally sharking him tonight....."
Colette: "Damn"
Wasfi: "Mate, this place is totally full of shark bait, my fin is on"
by Sharkers August 07, 2010
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When a guy is very obviously chatting up a girl, it can be referred to as sharking, and be accompanied by the hand gesture (a shark's fin above your head with your hand. The hand gesture can also be used alone, oh so slyly... When a girl is sharking a guy, this is known as reverse sharking, and the gesture changes to a rotating hand, or you could say "R E V E R S E" (a la Holly Valance in those adverts).
That guy was SOOOO sharkin' you then...
by JK August 03, 2004
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The act of persistently messaging, or continuously following a female. Resulting in the eventual surrender, and subsequent sympathy shag/kiss to rid her of the human nightmare which haunts her. Sometimes executed in a drunk state, and not uncommonly used in nightclubs.

Originally coined from the somewhat successful tactic used by the notorious Andrew Goudie; receiving a number of kisses, and shags as a result of this universally frowned upon method of sharking.
"This boy wouldn't leave me alone last night! So I had to get with him to get him to fuck off!" - Girl
"Oh he was definitely sharking you then!" - Boy


"What happened to you last night Karina? - Boy
"That boy had so little chat he had to resort to using The Andrew Goudie Tactic." - Karina
"Oh you poor poor person!" - Boy
by Natalie Belbin May 26, 2014
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To engage in overt attempts at procuring a partner of the opposite sex. One can accuse a colleague of sharking by putting your upright, straight hand up to and at right angles to to your nose and forehead, and weaving your head from side-to-side, as if one were a shark in the murky depths.
Billy: (over loud music of club) Quit sharking Tom, you're making a scene, and putting off the girls.
Tom: I can't help it, I haven't had a wank in over a week, and I'll fuck anything tonight.
by Orange Guber October 08, 2003
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