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1.One of the greatest nicknames ever given to shaquille o'neal.

2.Another name for a giant, mongoloid looking person.
Exp-" that kid looks like shaq daddy" or "That niggas as big as shaq daddy"
by T-Boy 444 January 08, 2008
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The basketball move of first getting in the low post position, then dribbling the ball extremely hard two or three times, and then throw it down like you're 7' 310.
(Get the ball in the post)..."Shaq Daddy!" (dunk)
by jordan sa March 20, 2007
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a motion where one raises their arms in exhultation, then bounces their forearms on their biceps, wrists at 45 degree angles with the arms
got an answer right in class? shaq daddy it!
by heather January 30, 2004
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tall, black man who has recently inpregnated several small helpless white women.(or men)
jerome: i just had sex with several small white women without a condom, and one man.

bill: dude, your gunna be a shaqdaddy.
by jerome a.k.a iggy tha niggy March 24, 2010
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