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Someone who does cool shit without a thought for their friends.

Origin: A long time ago, one half of a pair of broheims bought a ticket to a theatre show of Shaolin Monks doing all sorts of nasty kung-fu shiznit...and didn't invite his blood. When the truth came out, the backstabbed Brother From Another Mother exclaimed 'Shaolin, motherfucker'.
Oli: You won't believe what Dalan and Fiona did while I was at my parents' place visiting my dying grandmother!
Radwan: What?
Oli: They went to watch The Marine.
Radwan: They didn't ask you if you wanted to go?
Oli: Hell no, they kept it lower than Britney's underwear.
Radwan: What a pair of shaolin motherfuckers!
by Oliver Denton December 17, 2007
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