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A girl who tells it like it is, and always tells you the truth. Perhaps a little dyslexic, and rarely shows up to school but it doesn't stop you from loving her. As a best friend, she will always be there for you and make you laugh even when you want to cry (putting a filter on her face when you are crying). When drunk, she is the life of the party, just give her a bottle of vodka and a toilet to vomit in and you'll be set!! Whenever you wanna start a chat with her, just send her a selfie and she'll respond with a tit pic which is always a good time. With the biggest heart, she always puts everyone before herself and always gives loves to all. Truly a beautiful girl, with an even more beautiful heart. Someone you want to keep by your side forever and want to stay friends with for life.
"shannon kay sent me a video of her waxing her mo last night"
by sinhead August 26, 2017
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