(noun)Dick; penis; cock; hard on; man tool.
Good morning, Honey. Will you suck on my shank again?
by Ray March 04, 2004
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To run up to someone and rip down their pants leaving their boxer shorts showing.

To mess something up.
Shit you shank that one hey!
by Simon March 07, 2005
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guy1: Oh man, that shit was taking forever so i deceided to shank.

guy2: Thank you for that mental picture....
by shank-head July 29, 2009
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An object made from any available object inside a prison or detention center which is used to "shank" or stab someone.
by Mark Real April 11, 2003
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1. A sharp object or knife,
2. To stab.
1. He has a shank in his school bag.
2. "I'm going to shank you if you dont give me your phone".
by ReKoN December 07, 2007
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sort of a synonym for the word shit. it can take on more meanings though such as "not cool" and "stupid"
<NAME> is such a shank head! no one likes him/her.
by what?!?! July 13, 2005
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