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"Shambles Bingo" is a game played slightly like Jumangi, only replacing Robin Williams with Christian Bale, and the monkeys with drunken randys.

Where one lines up all that they've hooked up with and make an acronym using their first initials. Then a 3rd party observer will assign them a word, phrase, or gibberish. This word, phrase or gibberish will include all the people that they've hooked up with, with some extra letters. The 3rd party observer then will set a deadline. The person must meet the deadline by hooking up with the random letters and completing their bingo card.

A random person (who's name you never quite learn) is considered a blank space, or a blank tile. (like one you'd see in scrabble)

Q's, X's, and J's get extra points.
P - Patrick
A - Aaron
R - (whichever "R" you can find)
T - Terrence
Y - (whichever "Y" you can find)

"Did you know you only need an "R" and a "Y" to complete your shambles bingo card?!"

"Yeah I know, but I only have a month to complete it by deadline!"
by baishani December 01, 2009
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