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I wanted to make a difition of this bc it’s my middle name,.... so A shalyr can be a girl or boy or an transgender or any sex.a shalyr might think there special because no one else had that name but there’s someone out there a shalyr is not special the only reason there the only person with the name is because shalyr is an ugly name sorry to the shalyr out there as in me and others....but shalyr is an black ugly mother ducker as in me myself and I the one who had the pretty friends and he or she is the only black gorilla lookin ahh but I ain't gonna lie were good friends and there pretty friends have to buck Shalyr up as she's cute but she's not and Shalyr Is a good friend to keep that mind shalyr is the one who gets bully a lot from ha looks but is a buff and strong girl...:us shalyr are strong so don’t mess with us#girl power🦍🦍
by Hated.lyr May 22, 2018
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