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an egg-shaped percussion instrument containing beads for the purposes of rythm
Roger went off the chain with his shakalaka boom boom this weekend.
by roger dodge October 18, 2006
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A sex position famous in India. Usually happens between two childhood friends.

The partners have sex as kids, usually arranged by parents (because India), where the male takes his penis and inserts it alternatively in the vagina and the anus (Called as shaka laka). The female counts the number of times he does this until he cums. The children are then kept apart for 20 years till they meet each other as their adult selves. The girl must remember the number throughout the years. The male does the same thing he did as a boy which triggers nostalgia for both of them (called boom boom). The girl must count again till he cums. After he does. The girl must compare the previous number to the number attained this time. If the number attained this time is at least a 3 times more than the number attained previously, they must get married. Otherwise, the man must be castrated and spend the rest of his life alone in Bihar (a poor state).
Man 1- Man, I couldn't have known Shaka Laka Boom Boom would have been so tough. I should have never tried it.
Nurse- Thari tatte kaise?
by khatteangoor April 16, 2016
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