A party held befor a wedding in order to rase money. This term is mainly used in northern Ont. Canada (thunder Bay).
person: HEY .... is having a shage on tonight.
by ........................BAM!!! January 26, 2010
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to have sex, or get your fuck on, to score, get some, hit it, tap it, do it
lets shag baby
by tweek December 19, 1999
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In North-western Ontario Canada it is a fund raising party thrown for a couple about to be married.
Hey Bubbles, did you pick up those tickets to Dave and Lynns shag?
by neak August 25, 2004
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an old style of carpet very long carpet often seen in the 60's
that shag carpet fucking smells pretty bad
by exstremeelvis.com December 04, 2002
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A kid who regularly gets rammed in the ass by a drillpress, usually in a techroom while informing his female mate that the quality of her belt is currently sufficient, but if it were to be removed he would appriciate it and probably bust a huge nut. "Shags" also enjoys article writing, buying Doreen a slush and hitting two homeruns out of murphy.
Hey Shags, I was just playing some chinese checkers and I was wondering if you would eat sushi off of my nuts. No?...alright, maybe later...shags
by Svi Diddy January 24, 2003
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