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Literally means sex with sheep
Johnny said he likes to shag the haggis. What a pervert!
by anonymous1717 October 15, 2016
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Possible Local Usage: "So there I wiz, chompin doon on ma deep fried mars bar an chips when some tube started shaggin the haggis and pit me right oaf."

Translation: "I was in the process of eating ones supper when a stranger began playing the bagpipes which made me lose my appetite."

Local Usage: "Ho, haggis shagger, gonna play Stairway man? Ho ho..."

Translation: "I say, bagpiper, would you care to attempt to play a tune not written for your instrument and subsequently have a heart attack for the amusement of me and my chums?"

Local Usage: "Jim, shag the haggis for us."

Translation: "James my good man, play the pipes would you."
by Ross Douglas February 27, 2008
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