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It means that you're hot and sexy, and also good enough to eat!
Person A: You're such a shag muffin!

Person B: Thanks!
by lil_sis January 22, 2006
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1. Pussy, esp. one that hasn't been shaved. The general pubic area of a woman. See also; shag, muff, gash.
2. A woman who is "shaggable" or "shag worthy".
Fav: I'd go down on that shag muffin.
Ant: You would, you carpet banger!
by Antenna Wilde February 14, 2008
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This is When you decide that you want to enhance your sexual experience by either,
1. shoving a muffin over your bell end or,
2.ramming a muffin up your vagina.

this sexual act is best when used with chocolate chip.
many men have died trying to perform this act. this is why many porn stars do not attempt it, and it is banned in 477 countries of the world.
i saw a guy who had shagmuffin. he was dead.
do you want shag muffin? yeah my bell end loves chocolate
by Lewis Trinder March 08, 2007
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someone you lust over or find very attractive
someone sexy as hell !
someone with a FINE ASS
someone who enjoys crazy wild sex
1: dude, Kitty is a SHAGMUFFIN, she's GORGEOUS !!

2: WOW look at that SHAGMUFFIN

3:Chris-"man, that girl lat nigh was such such a SHAGMUFFIN we were all over the plaice !!"
pat-" haha nice!, i'd SHAG her MIFFIN! hahah"
by Patrick Sheehan February 24, 2008
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