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Verb: To perform a shady zaner ; to text your wife while you are mid-intercourse with your girlfriend
noun: To be a shady zaner: To be the guy who always has to cover for his infidelity while he is still inside the home wrecker
"you dumb bitch, you don't even know I'm giving you the shady zaner!"

" forget this, I ain't no shady zaner, go find someone you trust"
"you fucking lonely ass bastard, you wish you could give yo bitch a shady zaner, but you just never gonna be good enough to pull that shit off"

"dude the weirdest shit happened, my girl don't text me all day for 2 weeks then the minute I catch my side piece I gotta pull a shady zaner"
by notsoshadynowareya May 29, 2015
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