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A sexier way of saying c'mon.
Often used in sleazy rock songs.
Sh'mon sugar, sh'mon...(from Pink Grease's "Fever")
by Lila Pause June 12, 2004
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I would like to revise my original definition of Sh'mon as I now believe that it may be incorrect. My reason for thinking this is that I recently saw the TV chef Jamie Oliver greeting his friends with the phrase on Jamie's School Dinners, so I now believe it to be some kind of English slang greeting rather than a sleazy variation of "c'mon". If anyone from England understands the exact meaning or origin of the phrase, please elaborate.
"Sh'mon mate", "Sh'mon motherfucker" (Jamie Oliver on Jamie's school dinners)
by Lila Pause April 27, 2005
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errrr well me and my mate say it when we are pissed or walking along the street.
Shmon man!
Shmon u idiot

Your such a shmon

Shmon die plz
by robb August 04, 2004
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