To be attractive.
๖тяιdєηтG|CaptainJack is so sexy and BuGz can't deny it, Nubpredator is jealous.
by Hessian1235 December 05, 2011
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The incredibly hot and damp condition of a man or woman's ass crack after prolonged intercourse.
That was so hot baby! Let me spoon you.

Not now dear, my ass is all sexy.
by Genther January 05, 2010
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Sexy defines something that is truly stunning, quite HOT in fact. But lately, this word has been used out of context and on things which are rather.. not very "sexy".
An example of something "sexy" would be.. Farooq Ghazi's sexy HID lights, if that is not sexy, then i do not know what is. P.S all hail his lights and their mighty spartan glory.
by Farooq Ghazi June 23, 2007
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