7 boyz from New Jersey, who are amazing dancers. That go by the names of Nick "Nicholicious" Mara, Vinny "GrandMan" Castronovo, Madison "MadBoyz" Alamia, Louis "DaPitbull" DiPippa, Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco, Jason "No Bonez" Smith, & Thomas "T-Money" Miceli. AKA: The ICONic Boyz. <33
Have you seen the ICONic Boyz? They are SEXY! (;
by abm13 June 13, 2011
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According to Bono sexy is when it feels good to be in your own skin. Your own body feels right,it feels comfortable. Sexy is when you love being yourself. When your sexy state, your are most free to connect with others.
by LaCreamOsa February 13, 2010
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Having sex appeal

adorable, agreeable, alluring, ambrosial, amusing, attractive, beautiful, captivating, charming, cheery, clever, congenial, darling, delectable, delicious, enchanting, engaging, enjoyable, entertaining, fair, fascinating, gratifying, heavenly, ineffable, lovely, luscious, lush, pleasing, pleasurable, rapturous, ravishing, refreshing, satisfying, scrumptious, thrilling
by anonymous6993 August 17, 2007
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Someone who is lucious like a ripe apple ready to be bitten into. Typically have a very nice booty, but are usually sluts.
99% of the pics of sexy here are not sexy.
by flipynif June 14, 2005
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