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Similar to a "dirty Sanchez" except you steal her food before you smash, you perform a Dirty Sanchez in the middle of sex, and then finally scream whilst nutting, "I SEND YOU TO GULAG NOW! AGH! AGH! AAAAAAAAGH! YES! Yes! yes! yes. This was OUR NuTT."

*TRIGGER WARNING* only niggas whomst have long Stalin-like mustaches or at least any kind of mustache are able to perform this whilst not appearing autistic.

Only men with facial hair may perform this ritual, but if you have a beard then I must warn you that you will look try hard.

Soy boys and transgenders are indefinitely and permanently denied this ritual as they lack the testosterone necessary to SHARE this NuTT with a women.
Red Pilled Commy Fella : Hey girl, you wanna share a NuTT with me? Maybe perform a SEXY STALIN?

Girl: I don't believe in Communism.

RPCF: Gimme yo daum fried chicken you black ass BITCH! *proceeds to steal friend chicken*

*Couple runs off into bedroom*

Girl: *thirty minutes later* YESS! SHOVE the chicken up there! I WANNA SHARE NOW! I WANNA SHARE NOW!

RPCF: *whilst screaming in a Russian accent* performs SEXY STALIN!

The NuTT has been shared across the Motherland
by $talin Dabs June 28, 2018
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