"I went home with some guy/girl last night. He/she was so brutal in bed, he/she was sexually retarded, I had to finish myself off!"
by Adunning February 02, 2008
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1.a slang term to describe a prudish, old-fashioned person.

2.to describe a middle-aged person who doesn't like or hates pornography

3.A slang term describing a person who scared to death of sex.

"Sabrina is so sexually retarded cause she doesn't want a sexual relationship"

"My dad is sexually retarded cause he doesn't want me to use the internet or watch HBO"

"Hank, my next door neighbor is so sexually retarded, he freaks out when he sees a tampon commercial"

by wiil May 27, 2007
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When someone, usually a guy, doesn't know how to flirt or get on with the sex. Horribly bad or inexperienced at sex. Excels at being an asshole. Usually brags about getting bitches, but is stumped when he actually has a chance to fuck. Turns girls off completely.
Stacy: Baby, I'm SSSSSOOOOO horny!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!
Stacy: You know what? Fuck outta here you sexual retard!
by Ghost Rider ;) April 01, 2017
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See: definition of 'fruitnigger'.
They got "married" to each other because they have no experience with the opposite sex and/or refuse any sexually mature development or relationships, so they decided to become sexual retards.
by molestedBYAfruitnigger August 15, 2020
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Sexual Retardation is when males try to dominate society and all females by illustrating their lack of control over their sexual behaviors. They weaponize sex and force compliance on women in society using sex and demonstrating lack of control over their own behaviors.
Human traffickers have sexual retardation behaviors that are used in criminal activity to force females to be compliant victims.
by Tsongbird1 February 09, 2019
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Sexual retard: A person that can’t have a normal conversation without it being of sex.
Come back when you become less sexual retarded.
by Cherryroseblood February 11, 2018
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