Abbey is sexually frustrated constantly. She needs to be relieved.
by Jefferson October 6, 2002
When a girl uses a banana to fulfill their need for sex.
Wow Boku No Pico makes me sexually frustrated
by miniouija June 25, 2014
When your not getting any from your girlfriend/boyfriend which makes u pissed off
Yo im not gettin any booty from my girl I'm about to cut her ass
by Mike December 9, 2003
omg aubrey is such a homo. she takes her sexual frustrations out on trees
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 19, 2003
Furious googling for that perfect piece of adult entertainment for your adult entertainment needs.
Even after 5 hours of sexually-frustrated googling i still could not find the song i had stuck in my head.
by some-random-guy December 19, 2014
The various signals one sends off, whether it be consiously or subconsiously, when they are sexually repressed. Some signals of sexual frustration may include: frequent moodiness, over-eating, being easily excited, trouble paying attention, etc...
"The way her eyes kept wandering from my face to my package, were a good signal that she was sexually frustrated."
by Kristen December 1, 2003