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(definition) Sextus maximus is a position in kama sutra, invented by a couple of school boys having visions of making a pornographic movie in their future, based on this theme. The sextus maximus involves one girl and six guys, each a professional pornographic actor. The girl is penetrated by one man in the vagina, one man in the anal hole, is giving head to another, is receiving a 'boobjob' from another, and is masturbating the other two men. Hence the name, sextus (six) (also homo-phonic for sex) maximus (signifying large gangbang or orgy).

(situation) The movie would be set in the Ancient Roman era, and the girl is the wife of Julius Caesar. The six men are out to murder the Emperor, and the girl offers to reinact the 'Sextus Maximus' to save her husband's life. They perform the move, and when the six senators have finished with her, they still murder Caesar as she has changed her mind because she believes the six men were excellent at doing what they did.
'Somebody call for a hooker?'
'Yeah, how much for a thirty minute sextus maximus?"
by ItalianStallion30 March 18, 2010
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