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the laws of sexting.
- no human contact is involved.
- EVERYTHING must be sexual
- the usage of vivid adjectives is mandatory
- the encounters should be with people of the oppisite sex. but can be just as fun with people of the same sex!
- sexting is common between the ages of 14 and 25 anyone over that age should be able to just have sex.. like really... take it from the phone to the bed honey.
- it should not feel as good as sex.. if it feels better than actual sex, bitch you need a new partner.... or try a third person for extra fun! :)
-this girl is using the well known and important SEXTING LAWS-
tapenga: " i met this guy at the club last night, and we've been texting ever sinse. after a few texts it turned into sexting, it was def hot and steamy."

marvin: "oh was he hot and bothered?"

tapenga: "oh hell yes, i think we might take our sexting to inferno hot tonight."
by spoonsinbowlson April 11, 2010
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