When a woman is minding her own business and a man casually makes a sexist comment to her while he passes by.
Mary was the victim of a sexist drive-by. Earlier today, a man walked past her at a coffee shop and said, "Don't frown so much when you're reading or writing on a computer." Mary replied, "I'm writing a condolence letter."
by fatuousbacon May 10, 2017
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Subway sexists is so holy

I am a registered sex offender
I stuck my dick into a blender
Your mom is a transgender
I am a professional nudesender
You know that i be dominating
My cock and balls are rotating
Ice on my wrist i could go skating
Between thick tighs i am suffocating
I have a huge fucking cock
I nut inside my sock
I walk around in crocks
While my dick is harder than a rock
I fuck bitches in school
Cause you know im fucking cool
I jump inside my pool
I take a hit from my juul
I dont actually smoke
Butt i make your bitch choke
Once i give someone i stroke
My cock is hard like oak
You know im dropping fire
You can sing my song in the quire
They fall me quacmire
No they dont but at least it rhymes
by Legoiswatchingyou May 10, 2021
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Half deer, half cat, all sexist. An animal that is made up of two of the worst animals ever, and is very sexist. Usually used to call someone a sexist.
Another sandwich joke? You're such a sexist deercat.
by onlyaguy August 18, 2010
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Not capturing a Pokémon because of it being a female or male
Man, Rob is such a pokemon sexist, he restarted the game 5 times to make the pokemon become male
by RandomRedneck34 February 17, 2015
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1. One who is against or opposed to sexism; one who does not think that either sex is superior to the other; one who considers the sexes to be equal.

2. This person can be of either gender. A man could be against women getting equal pay for doing less work, or a woman could be against men getting more pay for doing equal work. In essence, This person believes that the sexes have the capacity to be equal, but knows that society does not make it so. This person fights against that.
1. Jan is an anti-sexist; he doesn't like that women get the same pay as he but are expected to do less work.

2. The Anti-Sexist League led a protest against financial aid considerations based on gender.
by Zeke-Minteh November 24, 2005
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Like Competitively Racist Competitively Sexist is when someone is sexist in a hateful manner whether it be under the guise of some sort of gender equality or just mean spirited comments disparaging the offended party in a non joking or light hearted way meant to be taken seriously (regardless of the justification for speaking that way)
She said "We should castrated all men" shes Competitively Sexist
by insanegod October 7, 2018
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A group of 6 people who like Pringles
It’s the sexist 6
I wish I could be part of the sexist 6 :(
by Billywigglestick October 25, 2019
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