A person who thinks that one gender is better or superior than the other. Often mistaken for feminism.
by meg February 19, 2005
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Being sexist toward someone regardless of gender, there is also no reverse sexism, it does not exist, it just being sexist. It can be against a women and men, not only just women.
woman: i don't like you
man: why?
woman: because you're a man.
man: ok, wow, being a misandrist is sexist.
by TheGoodGrowl1897 October 11, 2020
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1. (adj) A behavior utilizing privilege & power based on their gender to in some way oppress the non-dominant gender. Because "men" and "women" are the two most-acknowleged genders, and men are currently the dominant group, sexism is currently used against women. Were the societal roles reversed, women could use sexism against men, but currently they cannot. They can, however "discriminate unfairly" but without the privilege and power to back it up, this behavior cannot be termed sexism.

2. (n) A person exemplifying sexist behavior.
by eyeyey March 17, 2005
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One gender making fun of the
opposite just because thats they're

Boys are normally responsible for this.
Boy: Ha! You cant climb a tree
cause your a girl!

Girl: Yes I can!

Boy: No you cant...

Girl: Uh!
You are the most sexist person ever!
by Adam rox March 17, 2010
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1. One who practices discriminatory behavoir based on gender. The individual may be of either sex, and may discriminate against their own sex, as well as the opposite sex.
1. Sally hates me, because she is a femenist, and I am a man, which makes her a dirty sexist.
by Al October 12, 2003
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1.The practice of disliking or disrespecting someone based on gender. It is something that women engage in as much as men, if not more.

2. Political weapon used by the left to silence the opposition. See also wordracism/word.
Naomi Wolfe is a fucking sexist bitch.
by El Freak October 23, 2003
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someone thats says stereotypes about another gender (usually girls)
Girl: Girls are way better and way smarter. Boys are idiots. We are not sexist, but its true!
Boy: no u

(girls are totally destroyed)
by andiooooooppp November 12, 2019
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