There is no sexier clarinet player than Charles Roeger. He really plays with those pipes well. God what a HoTty.

George Washington: Have you ever heard of The SEXIEST Clarinet Player?
Bernie Sanders: NO leave me alone.
Benjamin Franklin: It's Charles Roeger
by JesusChrissss December 12, 2019
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These People are named either Itamar, Peter, and or Finn. If u have one of these people be sure to tell them how amazing they are because they are athletic, smart, nice, and sexy basics some of the best people to ever live
Boy 1: Do you know who I am?
Girl 1: Yes your one of the sexiest people alive
Boy 1: yep so are my friends Finn and Peter by the way I am Itamar
Girl 1: Ohhhh my clothes where are they
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three words to describe the epitome of male perfection, or, to put it bluntly, the man you want to screw the most. also see Johnny Depp
by Gisizzle July 23, 2004
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