Someone (the sub) who is used for only sex by its master. The slave has no rights and is property of its master, they must satisfy their master or they could be punished. She’s slaves are either used for kinky sex between partners like a roleplay, or it could be someone who is forced to be a slave.
Gracie was watching tv with her boyfriend max when a show about kinky sex came on, it was talking about how people can be slave and master and use things like: rope, chains, handcuffs, gags, collars (if owned) and toys to pleasure the master or Dom of the relationship. Gracie wanted to try it out but she knew her boyfriend would never do that so she went to her friend mollys house. Molly was very horny and agreed to be gracies master. They started to act it out.

Molly crept around the garden and saw Gracie, she grabbed her and out her hand tightly over her mouth so she couldn’t scream out, and dragged her into the house.

Molly threw Gracie onto the bed and as she kicked molly she lay her on her front and tied her hand to her ankles. It was impossible to get out of. Then molly collared her and made Gracie her sex slave. Molly cut off gracies clothes and left her tied up before grabbing a 15” dildo and pushing it into her ass. Gracie was now owned by molly and made to be her sex slave for life

They did it all next day but swapped positions.
by Hot stories January 8, 2021
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Sex Slave: A male or female that assumes a subordinate manner/position and preforms sexual acts for the "Dominant" male or female partner. Can tie into the practice of D/s where the person can do these acts freely or become collared i.e "owned". This role can be voluntary or forced in some situations. Could be considered a Pet.
"Dude, your girl is wearing a collar. is she like your sex slave or somethin?"
"Yes she is my sex slave, why? You want to borrow her?"
"Hell yea, but won't she mind?"
"No, she's collared, she'll do what I tell her to."
by Katica_is_owned March 13, 2006
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Some one who is owned by another person for the purposes of sex.
John's got kathy as a sex slave.
by Deep blue 2012 September 28, 2009
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Sex slave is a person who is a slave to there partner and gives sex for free.
by Samuel Winstanley March 4, 2009
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A woman who is used as a sexual toy by it's master. It (the sex slave) can be used and abused for the masters amusement and plesaure infinately. A sex slave is property and not a person.

No Jim! She is my sex slave, get your own.
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
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1. one who does anything for sex

2. while having sex, the one who is ordered to do sexual acts (oral sex, anyl sex...etc)
"Yo Shaniqua was my sex slave last night and damn did she need a whippin'"
by KaThryn December 29, 2005
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Someone who is a slave to another for sex.
Yes, that is correct, she is my sex slave!!!
by Douchebag February 8, 2003
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