A small white British man who has short man syndrome due to lack of sex. He walks round all day with a "loaded gun" unable to shoot it, he instead takes his anger out on society. A sex pistol often has poor dental hygeine.
A sex pistol came into the store today and lost the plot because we had run out of "reader's wives" magazines.
by blair January 16, 2005
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just a basic fact about punk for item no 17! the first punk single EVER was by dub war!
just as i said! all the sex pistols did was make punk what it got known for ! which at the end of the day every one apart from Punks though! violent agressive shit! well at least you can understand what they are singing about unlike SlipknoT
by PunkTomSalisbury June 26, 2005
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a group of incredibly orgasmic-ly attractive women in a public place. females so sexy, boys and men pop boners.
at a starbucks, per se...

boy1: dude! look at those sex pistols at the door! boy2: dude! i got a boner!
by sexpistol2 August 08, 2005
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