band definded punk.

punk was invented my Iggy and the Stooges you stupid cunts, not the ramones
Ever got the feeling you've been cheated
by Deranged November 23, 2003
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The greatest sellouts in the history of music, a 'band' made up of four of the least talented people ever to make music, they were manufactured simply to promote manager Malcolm McLaren's shop. Had some guy called Sid Viscous on bass, who despite being loved by idiots everywhere, was actually unplugged when the band played live because he was so poor on his instrument.
Go listen to the Clash instead.
by ChrisOiBoy! July 24, 2005
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earley brit rock, suidal guys with guitars see pikey and yob.
i saw the sexpistol last night they were pikeys (yobs) but not sqaddies , no never sqaddies.........
by greg November 30, 2003
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One of the most overrated bands in history.

The band was extremely shitty. But they had a great producer so they sounded good on their album. They sucked extremely hard live though. Funny how a great producer can make a shitty band sound good.

Wrote offensive lyrics about pretty much anything. They got popular because of that. They also put the "anarchy" lable on punk music. You know, that sign Avril Lavigne uses too all the time, hahaha.

All in all, a band that got famous because they pretty much hated everything and everyone. Their bass player sliced up his girlfriend and commited suicide after that. Or did he die from an heroin OD? Either way it wasn't pretty.
Respect to the producer of the Sex Pistols. He made them acually sound good on their album!
by Dick September 26, 2005
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The best band ever that are the only "punk" band with none of this pussie emo gay shit they started punk and now people rekon mxpx is punk sexpistols didnt give a shit about nothing they just wanted furture generations to say fuck it here is the truth and thats what they did they didnt care about money people government any thing at all they just wanted every one to be them selfs and not the be same following others. Johnny Rotten was a genious no matter what sid couldnt play a fucking note but he was the best bass played ever and steve jones and paul cook bailed on them cos of the fucking dick head malcome mclaren they later realized they were wrong and what a cunt malcome was and malcome fucked up sid if it wasnt for him the best band in the world would still be around causing anarchy unlike all these other pussie dick head wana be punk bands who are just pure shit!!
sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols
by JimmyClegg October 28, 2006
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The Sex Pistols are an over-rated punk band of the 70's, made up of Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), Paul Cook, Steve Jones and Glen Matlock, who would later be replaced by Sid Vicious (although, Glen was the brains behind the operation). Sid Vicious was the first punk wannabe-- he couldn't play worth shite & was a total outfit like John Lydon, and would soon get wrapped up in his whole poseuriness and go into his junkie hole. John Lydon formed the new wave band, Public Image Ltd. (PIL), who are way better than the Sex Pistols.

Nowadays, you have see Lydon piping on about Californian punk rock band, Green Day. He's trying to knock out Green Day, because they are the only real PUNK competition today. He did imply it. He was definitly intimedated that they had such success as punks, when he did not. They are the only ones left hold the punk flag- even if they don't want it (as they have said many times). Yes, Lydon and all the original punks had a hard time in the 70s-- punks would literally get beaten on the streets for looking the way they did, and few DID look like that (until '77). But unknown to him, Green Day have paied their dues, and anyone who bothered to find out more about them would know that. They also mention their influences very often, causing many of their fans to check out those influeneces, which is why punks' sales today are so high. Glen Matlock even knows this!

In a whole, John Lydon is just a bitter man who wants attention. He appeared on an episode of Jugde Judy, which you can see on youtube. You never know what this man would like because one moment he'll like it, the next he won't. Now the Sex Pistols are on their very ridiculous anniversay tour, which is very "un-punk" indeed.

In conclusion, The Sex Pistols put on a good face in punk simply because they looked like the ultimate punk image-- just what Malcolm McLaren intended to build. They are the only "original punk" act that likes the term "punk". It is a constraint, and any TRUE *punk*, wouldn't allow themselves to be categorized-- they wouldn't even look the stereotype. If they had just stuck to the music, with Glen Matlock, they would have been brilliant.

Punk was a movement that was to break free of anything seen as controversial. It's supposed to be shocking, yes, but only to change people's views on things. NOT to be arseholes.

Now, to quote Chris Sullivan: "Although, for the sake of simplicity, punk is described as a movement, it was only ever a collective of individual free spirits. In fact, it is these individuals who make punk difficult to define: just when you have managed to encapsulate the ethos, these free spirits break away and make you think again. This is the essance of the movement..." The Sex Pistols did not do this. They were not original. They just accepted whatever McLaren pushed on them.

And dispite me liking the music of the following bands: The Ramones, Billy Idol (of course no one knows Generation X *grumble*), The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Joan Jett, and on occasion, Iggy Pop, are all part of the typical punk wannabe's collection-- nothing else.
Poseur kid: I LOVE punk music!
Music lover: Yeah? What bands do you like, then?
Poseur kid: My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Billy Talent, Blink 182, Nirvana... The Sex Pistols...
Music lover: O_O *anger rising* The only "punk" band you have is The Sex Pistols!! And they are on everyone's damn list!
Poseur kid: So you're calling me a poseur?!
Music lover: YES! Learn REAL *punk* music! *shoves X-ray Spex, Adam & The Ants, The Adicts in poseur's face*
by Drie November 11, 2007
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A "punk" band from the 70's. A shitty sellout band that later went mainstream. They were 4 people in it and they sucked at playing their fucking istruments. Their lyrics were nothing new and they DID NOT start "punk"... they killed it.
I reather shoot myself in the chode than listen to another "punk kid" say that the Sex Pistols were real punk.
by Fly-Zoola the PUNK RULAH! February 19, 2005
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