Sex Pistols....a very good band indeed! But Does it really matter who started Punk Rock?? Everyones always arguing about who started it....WHO FUCKING CARES IT'S MUSIC!!!!! Music at its best.....
wigger- Have you heard the new 50 cent cd?
punk- No are you on crack? thats shitty music ** Punch ** Fuck off faggot!!!
by ezras-is-sexy August 11, 2005
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70's punk band...shut up people. you like them or you dont, nobody really cares what you think of them. you can insult them all you want, see if i care, but either way, "punk" is not caring about what anybody else says. so theres no point in saying anything.
by Orange January 03, 2004
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British punk band in the late 1970's consisting of 4 Members, Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock(Later replaced by Sid Vicious) and Paul Cook. This band used loud offensive music & lyrics, which definied punk for what it is,not what it seems,making punk rock of true essence to society.

R.I.P. Sid Vicious

I know you didn't kill Nancy
The Sex Pistols created/defined punk so fuck off!
by Jim Greco March 31, 2004
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A band fronted by the smartest man in the world, John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten.

How come everyone mentions Sid vicious when talking about the pistols? I'm sure he was a good person before all the drugs but All he did in the Pistols was stand there, look the part, and play a few cords, which were out of time. John Lydon wrote the lyrics and kept the band on track. He deserves more credit then he gets.

Anyway they did and said what they wanted to, and didn't let anyone influence their choices.

By the way, the Pistols are way better then the clash
the Sex Pistol's lyrics are better then the clash's, end of story.
by Wickednyx20 September 01, 2004
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Despite what people believe, were NOT a manufactured band.were not brought together by that lying asshole Malcolm Mclaren. Paul and Steve went a long way back. So did Johnny and Sid. Were not told what do on that Bill who-ever-the-hell show. Apparently Malcolm was cowering in the back awaiting a lawsuit. Mclaren did nothing for the band but mooch of their succes. But I guess he was somewhat clever. He did trick you all into believing him. Asshole.
Sex Pistols will live forever.
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I'd just like to make a note that Deranged, the source of definition number 12, well he's right.
He is! He knows what he's talking about
by Marko December 27, 2004
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