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different size and shape bags, often of paper formation, kept at easy reach from the sex bed and used to remove ugliness from basic sexual encounters. the sex bags must be positioned correctly to avoid accidental eye damage and lose of sex lust. draw your own face on the bag if you desire!
Betty can only get it if she puts on a sex bag and tries very hard not to remind me of who im doing.
"for christ sake woman just pick one of you many sex bags"
by daveyb1 January 24, 2011
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The bag of sex situated inbetween a females legs, aka the vagina
Oi love, out ya sexbag!
I said out ya sexbag, out ya sexbag, out ya sexbag for the lads!
by Tezman July 13, 2006
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A bag like object used for sex. Commonly a girlfriend.
James - My brother's girlfriend is staying around tonight.

David - Ah, the good old sex bag. Lets face it thats what a girlfriend is.

James - Haha, but i use my cat...
by Dave Bryce May 05, 2007
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An extremely sexy person who is extremely sexually active, and all his/her peers are somehow sexually arracted to their looks and body.
Damn! That person is a Sexbag! Wonder how many he/she has hit.
by Ernst Yvelle April 16, 2015
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