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often takes place for an entire year- the 8th graders generally pick on innocent 7th graders and make their lives hell simply because their parents reproduced a year too late or something. for some reason, the summer they are thirteen, the former sevies tend to become assholes in 10 weeks, and when they return to junior high, the cycle starts all over again. and you wonder why the 7th grade class is always bigger than the 8th grade class? geez.
*7th grader bumps into 8th grader*
8th grader: ahhhh, sevie attack! respect your elders, you little bitch!
7th grader: (thinks: sit on it and rotate) um, sorry?
8th grader: don't talk to me. i don't talk to sevies. (to friends, later) this sevie totally attacked me in the hall!
bitchy 8th grader friend: want me to beat her up for you?
8th grader: hell yeah. thanks. you're such a good friend. it's not like WE were ever that young, right?
bitchy 8th grader friend: 'course not. we were born thirteen... so they totally deserve the sevie treatment.
by Beckie <33 February 01, 2008
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