The eleventh day of the ninth month. Also it typically the eleventh day of the first acedemic month.
Tim: hey berry what day is it?
Berry : why, its September 11.

Tim: I hate the eleventh day of school. I rember 12 days ago when I had nothing to do with my life.
by Kule benio August 03, 2017
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The day that people are already starting to forget... September 11th should NEVER be forgotten... How could anyone forget the day that all those people lose their lives in a senseless act of violence by Jihadists who have no care for human life, all they give a fuck about is "Allah". The media never reminds you about september 11th... They never talked about the familys of the people who died they might have shown their pictures here or there but they never interviewed them, showed them what pain they are in... If any of you have truely experienced pain then you would NEVER forget september 11th because of the pain the friends and family of the people who died that day have... No physical pain can ammount to the emmotional pain of losing someone extremely close to you.
Never forget September 11th... The worst day in american history...
by 9/11/01 R.I.P Dad January 31, 2006
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The day we mourn the massive losses from 9/11, and want to kill every Islamic assbag in the world. It should be especially interesting in Gainsville, Florida... This year is the 10th anniversary, and on Sept. 11, there is a huge football game in Gainsville. I'm not hoping for anything, but think about what could happen. To double the threat, a pastor in the same area is holding, 'Burn a Koran Day'. This guy doesn't think right, HE INVITED TERRORISTS TO COME! WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE DO THAT?! He's not a true pastor, he just spews bullshit all over Islam. I don't blame him, but it makes him look bad, especially given the fact people look up to him. I'm not kidding, this guy is fucking crazy.
On September 11, I think I'll buy an American Flag to put, (respectfully of course) on my wall instead of making the people who can kill us angry.
by A7X forever September 08, 2010
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