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A an elitist person (pothead) smokes only sinsemilla which means 'without seeds' in spanish. This type of marijuana is far more potent than schwag or regular marijuana with seeds, as well is more expensive, so sinsesmokers are considered elitest, and thus referred to as jerks. (seedless jerks prefer hydro over any other type of marijuana, but if need be, they will smoke regular pot too.
"That Hajera chick is such a seedless jerk, she only buys grams or 8ths! Dang, she must be a baller!"

regular pothead- Passing a blunt, 'wanna hit this?"
seedless jerk- Pulls out a pipe, 'why don't we taste some of
this kush first?'
regular pothead- you're such a seedless jerk!

Erod- 'yo, nigga, I got some schwiggity'
Haj- 'you KNOW i prefer the female!"
Erod- 'seedless jerk!'
by Hajera November 18, 2007
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