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The one who does the whipping.

One who uses her kitty kat skills to pussy whip her victims.
Usually a female, with extreme sexual skills and confidence that she uses to intentionally trap her lovers; usually leaving them dazed, addicted and in a euphoric and zombie-like state. A man can be a pussy whipper too, that is of course if he believes he has a pussy that he can use to lure his victims.
e.g. "girl you got your boyfriend so pussy whipped" high fives
"Of course he is whipped because i am the greatest and baddest pussy whipper out there"

e.g.#2 "Man, what is wrong with you?, you never wana hangout with the guys any more...all you seem to care about is that chick you're with all the time, you must be pussy whipped"

"What can I say man, the girl is a pussy whipper"

"see: pussy whipper"
by Skilful-S November 01, 2013
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