Rock and Roll music of a watered-down variety; devoid of soul; unoffensive and unharmful, acceptable to be played in a corporate setting.

Classic Secretary Rock: Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Damn Yankees, Journey, Meatloaf, Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp, Van Hagar

Contemporary Secretary Rock: Maroon 5, Nickelback, Green Day, Fall Out Boy
I'm giving my band one more year to make it, otherwise I'm starting a wedding band - you can make good money playing secretary rock.
by Alison Chaynes May 21, 2009
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When your butt gets flat, wide, and jiggly from sitting so much (i.e. studying for finals, at a desk) without going to the gym.
Damn, I've been studying for the LSATs for so long, I'm starting to get secretary's ass!
by Caligrl887 September 09, 2009
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The new name for the Secretary of Defense. Apparently, the best defense is now a good offense. The United States attacks and invades nations if they feel it might benefit them in any way. This, in turn, has led to more support in the Middle East for their Secretary of Offense: Al Qaeda.
Ron Paul: "Extremists don't attack us because we are rich and free. They attack us because we have been OVER THERE!"

You can thank our Secretary of Offense for that!
by boomsham777 April 21, 2011
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A Company Secretary is a senior position in a private sector company or public sector organisation, Also known as Compliance Officers, it is one of the positions that is a part of the key managerial personnel of any Company. Instagram @mission.cs
Company Secretary- one of the key managerial person in a company
by Mission CS November 27, 2021
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(verb) 1. The offer of services of a sexual nature toward a work colleague by member of the work secretarial pool;

(verb) 2. The provision of, or assistance with, sexual services from someone who is otherwise employed as a secretary.
Person 1: Has Parkie got a license to drive the bus, or is it just his mates?

Person 2: I think it is just his mates. But hey, did you hear Parkie got some secretarial assistance last night after ten-pin bowling.
by choogil January 22, 2012
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This a term use to discribe an ass that is flat and spread out. secretaries usually have flat spread out asses due to prolonged periods of sitting. The term could have been interchanged with any profession that sits alot but secritary was generally understood to be a long sitter.
Person A:Dude, your bitch has a Secretary’s ass.
Person B: fuck, I know
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 17, 2005
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The head of the United States Department of State, whom is often seen as the chief foreign advisor and diplomat (besides the President) in the United States. He or she must be appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Congress before he or she can take the oath of office. He or she serves at the cabinet level for as long as the appointing President is in power.
The Secretary of State is fourth in line in the Presidential Order of Succession.
by Nicolai August 11, 2004
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