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A standard cigarette (either standard or for the chavvy, superking variety) hollowed out of its tobacco contents and replaced with the key ingredients of a spliff or joint, save for the rizla. Useful for disguise from law enforcement officials (plod), or just when the rizla's have run out and no bugger can be arsed with goin down to the petrol station at 3am. Ideally filter shuold be replaced by a normal roach
by Matt_the_don October 22, 2005
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When your dick is so small that you slip in undetected.
Shelly: Larry totes pulled a secret agent on my butt yesterday.

Amy: What do you mean?

Shelly: His dick is so small that he was able to insert it in my anus without me knowing. I'm all for it when James Bond slips in undetected, but I'm considering rape charges for real.
by RodgerBirthCanal December 14, 2013
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A sex move made up by Alex waterman. Make a "gun" out of your hand and then do the same with the other hand add them togethor and insert it into the vagina and rub cliterous with thumbs
i gave that bitch a secret agent
by Nik Lund June 07, 2005
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Easily the greatest member on the greatest website ever, Known for being a douchebag and posting in most journals with what can be called his catchphrase, "No one cares."
YTer: Do you like secretagent?
other YTer: no

YTer: blah blah blah
secretagent: No one cares.
by chips2001 October 18, 2009
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1. A sneaky person who works for some kind of organisation without others knowing.

2. A spliff made by emptying out a normal cigarette and replacing the filter with a roach, then mixing half the tobacco with some ganja and filling up the empty cigarette with the mix.

Useful for discreet smoking (except for the smell!!)
"you wanna smoke a joint man"

"Nah man, its a bit un-sly smoking one here"

"Don't worry, I made a secret agent"
by 4Days May 22, 2006
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a joint that's rolled up and looks like a regular cigarette
My sister rolled the ill secret agent the other day.
by yomamascow October 27, 2003
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Using only one headphone on one's ear while listening to music, resembling a secret agent's way of communicating.
Hey I wanna listen to some tunes but I also wanna hear you talk so im just going to do the secret agent.
by Lord 13yr0n March 26, 2008
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