When someone sitting at a stop light starts searching for something moments before the light turns green and doesn't know they can go.
I was late because I was stuck behind someone that was search lighting.
by Boxingbird October 8, 2014
When you go out searching for valuable or useful items
We went out ground searching for items to sell to supplement our income
by Manuel59manuel June 5, 2017
The aforementioned phrase describes the process of thorough marijuana indigestion via vaporizer device, primarily with a small group of losers in a shitty car, and then proceeding to consume copious amounts of unhealthy food and carry themselves as even bigger nuisances to society.
That degenerate saaped the whole cartridge from his chomie's wax pen right in front of his mom and then wanted to divulge the inner machinations of the entire solar system. In short, this is saap and search.
by SaapHead October 15, 2018
a searching algorithm used by programmers which involves the search of the breast first, going down onwards
That guy uses breast first search? He's so hot ong
by randomJavaEnjoyer May 16, 2022
Gopher lets you search for resources using menus. It originated at the University of Minnesota which has (as you guessed it) a gopher for a mascot. Insted of accessing with the adress of the domain, you select any entry in a gopher menu and like the human "gofers' of the world, Gopher goes out for the material you want. Gopher is like a regular library subject catalog and it will search for the holdings of many libraries for your subject.
gopher fatty.law.cornell.edu which is the Cornell Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School.

edu - educational institute

other domain adresses are as follows:
com - commercial and buisness
gov - government institutions
mil - military institutions
net - network recorces
org - other organizations

If you're confused thus still on how gopher searches operate. See your system administrator, media specialist, brilliant friend or librarian for help!
by Gophergeanspeachykeens November 7, 2012