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Boat ramming, black clad, sea faring idiots who are going to get somebody killed because they can't handle their boats. Led by Paul Watson they are into ramming, not sending distress calls when their own boats are damaged and endangering their own crews, endangering anyone who happens to be in the same area of ocean as they are, incompetent ship handling, and explaining it all away as "for the cause" which they disgrace by associating with it. Occasional tool of the Australian government who likes that they press other nations in international waters, and back Australia's false claim to them, in exchange for free harbor in Australian waters. Not too fond of the United States Coast Guard, unable to even get Prius buyers behind them using wiser conventional means of protest. Like to throw stuff and shine lasers in eyes. Don't like independent documentation of their action, which is why they kicked Animal Planet cameras off their ships. Once appeared on South Park.
"They rammed a tanker doing an underway refueling at sea, risking lives and an oil spill? What a bunch of sea shitheads!"
by DaveHP35 October 03, 2013
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