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Loud mouth, top heavy, tight clothes wearing bimbo usually found begging for drinks at the bar with so much cleavage showing it looks like a fat midget is mooning you through her halter top. Can be spotted from behind by her long dry ass frizzy hair, foot long cigarette, and loud cackle laughing. Known to threaten guys with a physical ass whooping, or in any bar sport such as darts or billiards once intoxicated. As the alcohol intake rises so will her hatred for all the men around her. At this point will begin cursing any man who walks by, as well as the random insults to women who are better looking than her. Upon a few more drinks the fit will pass, and she will end up showing her tits to, and blowing in the parking lot the next guy who buys her a drink. The guy will usually be at least twice her age and half her size. Once returning inside the bar she will find her ride has left her, and begin the rampage again only to end up crying and on the curb outside the bar bumming cigarettes, begging for a ride so she can pick up her four kids from her sisters house. You go girl.
damn dude what's that girls problem?

Shit that's just Cathy. She is a scunt bag titty whore. She thinks everyone wants to see her triple F tits, and distorted rose tattoo. Just keep your eye on her, three more drinks and she will have old gray beards nuts on her chin over there.

Oh I thought they were shooting an episode of Dogg the bounty Hunter up in this bitch or something.
by skeet skeetles July 19, 2013
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