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The mouth of a woman/man, who enjoys licking and sucking the nutsack to the point that it is now virtually sterile.
1. My girl started up her "scrotum scubber" and cleaned the hell out of my nutsack .
2. Did you see the " scrotum scrubber " on that girl?
by muffinman666 November 15, 2009
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1.what you refer to a girl as with digust when being controlled by her boyfriend.
2.the female version of calling a guy friend a deushbag
Rick: Hey so you comin to that party?
Brooke: well CJ wants me to go to the car wash with him, and stop by walmart, probably wouldn't be too happy seeing other guys lookin at me at the party so NO probably not.
Rick: aw you freakin Scrotum Scrubber. speak for yourself
by ZACH & CJ November 18, 2009
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