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n., an over-sexed nymphomaniac who loves to pay detailed time, energy, and attention licking and slurping her lover's ball sac and popping his balls out of her mouth, first the right one, then the left one, etc., etc. Because she looks so incredibly "cute" while she performs all these marvelous naughty deeds on her man, she has to be labeled a pure "ball honey" or "scrotum doll" if one refers to her in ordinary conversations after that.
EX: Charlotte is great on and under the bed sheets, but that Ginger Anne is nothing but a "scrotum doll"; she sends chills up my spine every time her tongue and lips touch my ball sac and its nads.

EX: As cum spurted out of my pisshole all over Ginger Anne's pretty face, hair, and tits, I looked down at her and screamed out, "Why, you fuckin' little scrotum doll! You deserved all that nut cream, didn't you?"
by Ed Lambert July 14, 2006
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