screamo is a mix between many different types of music including emo(emotional music). Most screamo bands have their routs in punk and hardcore - vertually any band can be screamo just add some drop d and scream, but it is alittle more than that. Most screamo bands are on the heavey side. Alot of screamo has to do with past relationships and hard times giving it the emotional touch. Most screamo music is very melodic which brings people to listen to it. Some more popular screamo bands are: Silverstein, Under Oath, Atreyu, Poison The Well, and there is many many more.
by Mikes Screamo May 16, 2005
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yelling song lyrics that mean something sad or emotional
hawthorne heights is a screamo band
by jay March 29, 2005
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A genre of music that sounds like many of the things I yell while sitting on the toilet.
Bro, I was taking a shit, and I was yelling like a screamo bandmate.
by SuperRareAwesomeVaginaMan November 10, 2011
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guess it´s right that there´s to much discussion about what is emo and whats screamo. there are differences (especially much more screaming)but it all has the same roots...
hey for me Finch is screamo...
by Emotion.is.alive June 20, 2004
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A style of music that involves screaming/yelling hence the name "screamo."
Jake: Did you hear the new screamo band Silverstein?
Rich: Yeah I went to their show on Friday. Shane has an awsome scream.
by x____R A C H EL ! July 10, 2006
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Screamo is Hard core Emo no matter what others think Screamo is very special. Screamo involves music with screaming in it and playing HARDCORE unlike those posers who took our Style from Green Day... that's emo haha lol either way Screamo is emo Hard core!!!!!!! posers need to stop taking our style! we are special we stand up to be different!!!
Person1: Hey Screamo is so cool!! crunk!!!!!!!!!
Poser: Yeah let's rock!!!!!
Person1: POSER!!!!!!! name a band if you arent a poser
Poser: uhhhh Green day
Person1: ahhhh no no way is Green day Screamo POSER!!!!!!!!!!
by Shelby!!! February 26, 2008
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