1. A series of screams and belches, usually performed by homosexuals.
2. The audio track from a bestiality porn
3. The moans from bears having sex inserted onto a background of random unpleasant noise, some may classify it as music, i prefer the term noise.
We listen to screamo while having hardcore anal sex.
by PunkNeverDies August 31, 2008
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Screamo: An a excuse for scene kids to listen to it and to make them think theyre hardcore but really its a bunch of fags screaming and playing stupidly fast and talking about how they cant get pussy or friends leaving you becuz you cry so damn much about the same shit. Screamo Bands all sound the same too, Talking about the same damn shit. screamo= a bunch of scenes trying to play fast and "hardcore"
Metalhead: What the f*** are you listening to?
Scene kids: Its Bring Me the Horizon... Theyre hardcore
Metalhead: Sounds like a bunch of pussies trying to be hardcore
Scene Kid: No! theyre hardcore! Its they like the greatest screamo band in the world
Metalhead: Screamo? WTF is screamo?
Scene kid: This *plays a BMTH song*
Metalhead: I should bitch slap you. All theyre doing is talking about how gay they are but screaming.
Scene Kid: no theyre not!
Metalhead: Hahahahahahahaha your so gay!!!
by MetalHeadFromTheBay123 May 19, 2011
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People often label bands as screamo when they scream but most of the time they're wrong.

Screamo died in the 90's... RIGHT..
but now new bands started to play like a comercial screamo
that is kinda good actually...
saetia, orchid, Reversal of a man, are/were good screamo bands.
Orchid is actually Hardcore Punk, but fuckin fags keep telling that's screamo when it's not.
Screamo has "turned" into a new genre... that is mixed or confused with Screamocore:
bands as underoath, haste the day(at it's beginnings), shaped by fate, symphony in perfil, norma jean (garbage screamo/grunge screamo) are screamo bands NOW.
bands like atreyu and the bled are "hardcore".

bands like alesana and finch a part from being gay are fuckin pop... those cock suckers suck.
New Screamo is characterized by vocals and some parts of singing, melodic guitars, continous drumming and a elaborated music that put up together sounds better.
And ZAO is NOT A screamo band!. that's hardcore/metal

and please don't fucking mix: emo, emocore, violent emo, southern rock, hardcore, metalcore, WITH FUCKING SCREAMO!
guy #1: I Like Screamo (saetia, orchid)
guy #2: fuck, saetia isn't that good! orchid is ok, but that's old.
Guy #1: FUCK you guy 2
guy #2: no seriously... new-screamo is knida good...
listen to this: he plays some (NS)NEW SCREAMO song.
guy #1: (he realizes that some of the NS is actually good)
guy #2: Fuck YOU ALL!!
by AaronSL December 08, 2007
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simply put, shit

but dive deeper in to screamo i would have to say it is the gayest and most homosexual atempt to make music. You see screamo bands are actually shity musicians (if you would even call them that) who think that they are good and "deep" because they scream about pain, WRONG because they suck the singing sucks the bass sucks the guitar suck and the singing suck (sucks so bad i had to list it 2 times) basically they are power cord addicted douchebags who cut themselves because they aren't and will never be as good as the legends
screamo fag: wasn't that guitar solo so emotional and deep

normal dude: nah those fags can only play shitty power cords

screamo fag: they aren't fags they're bi
by Gill998 March 21, 2007
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The worst genre of music ever created. It takes absolutely no talent to be a singer for a Screamo band. All you have to do if you want to be a Screamo singer is bend over, pull down your pants, have one of your friends hold a microphone to your mouth, and another one violently shove a pineapple inside your rectum, and bam, you're a screamo singer, and then you can have a bunch of moronic retards in all-black and tight girl pants and eyeliner follow you around like you're Jesus.
I'm a fag, I like Screamo

My daddy beat me, so I like Screamo

I sing for a Screamo band, I have no talent.
by SmellyBaptist August 21, 2006
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A type of music very similar to post-hardcore except more influenced by "emo" music. Combines emotional singing with screaming and grunting. The favourite music of scene kids and most emo kids.
by [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] August 12, 2007
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