Noun. In climbing, a free-fall (usually >50 feet) lasting long enough for you to empty your lungs and refill them for a second scream.
Did you hear about Scott's ride yesterday? He took a screamer on El Cap.
by jrw April 29, 2005
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When two people are having sex and one parts the others ass cheeks and gets their mouth next to the butthole and screams.
I was doinking this chick the other night and I rolled her over and gave her a screamer, holy shit she started shaking and had goosebumps all over her ass..
by Fa Fa December 07, 2007
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An emergency poop that hits you like a freight train. There is barely any time to react. Find the nearest bush and grab hold of something, there are no brakes on this sweaty, over-capacity, runaway bus.
Man, after I ate 4 helpings on Thanksgiving, I woke up to a screamer that took me for a ride!
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by PutridDensity December 06, 2019
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A Terrifying video where it starts out normal and it usually makes the viewer turn up their volume somehow then a loud noise plays accompanied by a creepy face. A great example of a screamer would be a video I saw when I was three: It was just a video of a train and it when down the tracks then it cuts to a black screen making the viewer confused enough to lean in and then a skeleton pops up with a loud noise.
"Hey dude you should watch this video."


looks up video.

"Oh this seems normal enough- OH SHIT IT'S A SCREAMER"
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by SexyMaster69whosmoke#420 January 29, 2020
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