Inhabitant of Liverpool, England. Quite a distinct and complicated group and as I am related through my mother I will try and go through positives and negatives

Positives: 1. Very friendly people, towards tourists and their friends, once one becomes a mate, they will never let you down and always be there for you
2. Extremely loyal, almost to a fault
3. Stick up for their own and not afraid to stand up for what's right, occasionally goes too far but without the efforts of the people, this world would be a much worse place
4. Dont give up on a course of action once undertaken. Sometimes a disadvantage when that course was ultimately a mistake, but shows a lot of determination to achieve things without giving in
5. Hilarious piss takers, very funny people, especially once they had a few

1. Need to learn how to accept criticism, not everything Liverpool has done over the years has been perfect, mistakes have been made but some struggle to agnowledge them. Rest of the country isnt always to blame guys
2. A bit too 'stuck in the 80's' in outlook, still feel as though the media and politics is the same as when Thatcher was in power. Sorry guys but time has moved on, and some need to accept change
3. Tend unfortunately to follow the lead of those who shout the loudest rather than those who show more discretion which doesnt help Scargill, Hatton etc and too many want to be in charge even though some dont have the capacity for it. Not all that tolerant of those with individual opinions who question whatever direction taken by the massed majority

4. Scouser-wool superiority complexes and tedious debates as to what constitutes one or the other. Bo-ring
5. May be good at taking the piss, but any counter response and often the eyes glaze over and the red mist comes down. Some not always able to differentiate between banter and abuse

However, for all their faults, much rather be in Liverpool than Manchester, Is a city of character and verve despite all the misfortunes that have befell it, and the people, in the main reflect that
Scousers rule the world, and dont you forget it!
by Ricohard May 07, 2009
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Criminal type who defines self pity. Morbidly rants about being hard done by whilst obsessively abusing others (e.g. Liverpool fans attitude to Hillsborough and Heysel whilst they STILL (2007) sing songs about the Munich aircrash at games vs Manchester United).
No sense of humour: Ken Dodd, Jimmy Tarbuck, Craig Charles etc etc
Also claim to be left wing! Ha. Stealing of their own, theiving from the poor, Derek Hatton, city built on slavery etc etc
Heroes of Heysel
Crowd at Anfield
Scousers et al

by Working class May 30, 2007
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A Scouser is an individual from Liverpool. Scousers are notoriously maligned and stereotyped by everyone else in the UK. This is because they are jealous. Our immigrant population ensures that there is an excellent gene-pool, thus avoiding the horrific inbreeding seen in the majority of incest-rife no-mark cities of the UK. Scousers hate the English - because we are not English we are Scouse. As a scouser I can trace my lineage back to the Kings of Ireland. Mancs (for example) can only trace their lineage back 20 years to when their dads arse-raped a sheep, hence the wool on their greasy backs.
Scousers, unlike the rest of the UK do not stick their arses up in the air for the government or any other establishment mefs we stand and fight our corner. This emasculates the general population of UK into realising they are fortune's bitches because they would sooner take it up the wrong-un than stand and fight. Jealous? I think so.
'it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees'

'Oh, I say Marjorie, I think David Cameron would make an excellent Prime Minister'
by florrien May 15, 2009
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all the views of scouser on this are all steriotypical, where not all scallys that go around stealing cars and wearing fake burberry, some of us are respectable citizens in our wealthy community - if you want ot see the stereotypical you should go st johns market
"I really hate the stereotypical views on liverpudlians" - Citizen of Liverpool

"Fuckkin' 'ell, lid. Derr's no need for dose mancs to be callin' us scallies, laa... " - stereotypical view of a scally of Liverpool
by laura, becki and carrie November 08, 2004
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someone of liverpudlian origin who's main hobbies are stealing (usually hubcaps), and becoming pregnant while still in primary school
"whats long, scouse, and goes round corners"
"the line for benefits!"

"did you see that dirty scouser stealing that bike?"
by steveo1223 March 18, 2007
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some one that lives in liverpool
im a scouser and i hate the fact that we are always branded something .my boyfriends family is always taking the mick and it just get on my nerves but if i get worked up they all say " calme down calme down" n then laugh for about 10 mins.
you called us everything under the sun after that antony lad got murdered but what you failed to see was the love people expressed for his famiily after that dredded night hundreds of people stood up and said 'this is wrong' and hundreds of people laid flowers and did walkes for him.
so next time you meet a scouser get to no them first you never no they might just turn out to be (as weired as this sounds) alright people.

by becky h March 04, 2006
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Voted European Capital Of Culture 2008, beating 11 other cities.

The finalists were Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle-GatesHead and oxford. Liverpool beat these cities to scoop up the culture award.
Liverpool will now become the first British European Capital of Culture since Glasgow in 1990
by Louise February 15, 2005
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