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when a bitch turn her left buttcheek outward when you hittin it from the behind, and when you pull out ya dick
and she starts to queef but it queefs, it queefs, it queefs in a sensual way and it makes a hiss sound and goes on to pronunciate a slithering ssss sound..and you smack her right butt cheek and you stick ya arms in the air an ya go "scotttttiiie pimppppinnn"" in the most highest tone you can. and then you blow ya load all over her butt cheeks and fatty and how you do..and you finish that shit off by sayin "scottiieee pippinnn for the assist"
scottie pimpin...i mean i never seen that shit happen, but i know it did...a bunch a times. no example available.
by A_A December 29, 2007
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