A schrodinger's joke is something the “joke teller” was serious about, but changed their answer based on others reactions to the truth
Examples of schrodinger's joke

Person A: guys I actually have a piss kink
Person b: What?
Person A: Justttt kidding!!

Person A (again): Yo Mike I’m into piss
Mike: yo dude me too
Person A: *makes out with Mike*
by Spongeybunny May 29, 2022
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a joke that’s both joking and not joking depending on how the recipient takes it

like a “jk…unless” situation
a: haha let’s date

a: jkunless
b: did u just schrodinger’s joke me?
by marchrun February 3, 2022
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A joke which is both funny and not funny at the same time but there is no way of knowing if anyone else will laugh at it until you have told it... But by then it's too late and you will either look like an idiot or a comedy genius.
(After telling a joke) I wasn't sure if you'd get that, it was a bit of a schrodinger's joke.
by WBKurgan May 4, 2010
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