a fuck you to children
School is the worst.
by mknkn July 01, 2014
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Secretly a kid prison.
School. |Prison. |
Little fresh air. |Little fresh air time. |
Bad food. |Bad food. |
Locked up in a room. |Locked up in a room|
Tortured. |Tortured. |
by Whydowehaveschool April 26, 2014
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The place parents drop of their 'swaggy teenagers' to get rid of them for a much desired 6 hours a day. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

Little do they know however, that school is a waste of time that becomes tedious after elementary school. I mean, who the fuck gives a shit about Pythagoras?

A place that fails to properly prepare your children for the outside world.
Interviewer: Mr. Peterson, what would you say your most valuable skills are?

Peterson: Ugh... I can find the hypotenuse of a triangle... Hey! Dude! Can you tell me how to buy a house? I can't remember studying that at school...!
by Handmethatslushieplz March 29, 2014
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A place where kids get torched for 18 years. They start at the age of 5 years and end school at 17 or 18

Divided into two school years -

Primary - Preschool to Year 7
Secondary- Year 8 to Year 12

Maths, English and Science are the worst subjects
Uniforms Polices - Wearing Uniform and looking neat

Exams and Assignment are a form of punishment
Student asking the teacher about history

Student - "I thought Child Slavery was banned in the 1860s so why do we still have to go to school"

Teacher - We get payed to teach you, so suck it up -.-
by schoolboy69 March 17, 2014
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School is a torture chamber within a large facility that is known as a "city". A city exists to trap us within a false society because in reality, we're all imprisoned in asylums from being driven insane by the revelation of something that should have been common knowledge.
Guy 1: Hey where did my brother go?
Guy 2: He was sent to school because he apparently didn't know that people die when they get killed.
by Xesthan March 02, 2014
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a hellhole where kids have to spend their time going to for a big chunk of their lives, in order to learn useless crap, while at the same time getting harassed, bullied and picked on by stupid kids and being yelled at by stupid pathetic teachers.
John: I hate going to school. There are too many stupid asshole kids there. I want to quit.

Joe: Well, you've got to put up with it and stay in school so you can get a good job at the end, unfortunately.
by funny fellas January 25, 2014
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S- several
C- crappy
H- hours
O- of
O- our
L- life
"Hey Dani will you walk with me to math class. You know, the one taught by the MEANEST teacher in school!?"
Dani: "ugh sure. How am I supposed to use 1x+ 72×÷7.123= 2×+3.67÷ 4× for being a politician! ?"
by XxhipsterscantswimxX January 05, 2014
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