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School love syndrome is something that u only get in the holiday or on days u don't come to school. It is when you feel regret for something you either did or didn't do. There are different types of school love syndrome. One is where u feel guilty for liking/asking out someone that u don't like. Another is when you are mean to someone that likes you. It can also be when u know that someone likes you, but they're mean to you. You usually spend most of or all of your holidays thinking about one person. School love syndrome can happen to both girls and boys from anywhere between 11-17 years old. It is most common when both the people don't know each other or don't talk very often. It can also happen on school camps.
*first day of term*
"Is he still angry at me?" She asked his best friend.
"He said he thought about how mean he was all holidays."

(Must be school love syndrome...)
by What am I April 03, 2014
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